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Learn More About Barboursville, WV

The former county seat of Cabell County, Barboursville, WV is a bedroom community in the Huntington-Ashland metro area named for a former Virginia governor. Barboursville is home to approximately 3,000 residents attracted to its low cost of living and higher than average educational spending. Local attractions in Barboursville include the Huntington Mall (the largest shopping complex in West Virginia), the annual Fall Fest, and the city’s annual Independence Day fireworks celebration.

There are a numerous highly qualified Barboursville lawyers. Barboursville lawyers can assist you with legal matters ranging from business, real estate, criminal law, medical malpractice, personal injury, or any other issue you may face.

Lawyers in Barboursville were recently involved on both sides of a dispute between a disabled man and the Barboursville Police. The man claimed the police stopped him without provocation, beating, handcuffing, and subsequently arresting him. As a result, the man alleges he suffered fractured ribs, internal bleeding, multiple abrasions to the head and one or more permanent impairments. Attorneys for the City of Barboursville argued that the man was guilty of fleeing in a vehicle, driving without a license, reckless driving and obstructing an officer. The case is ongoing.

Attorneys in Barboursville argue cases in numerous courts. In West Virginia, the court structure is that of trial courts of limited jurisdiction (municipal, juvenile, magistrate, and family courts), general jurisdiction Circuit courts, and a Supreme Court of Appeals. Lawyers in Barboursville may argue in the 6th Judicial Circuit or the Supreme Court of Appeals. A local Barboursville attorney can help you navigate the rules of each of these courts.

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