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Learn More About Wheeling, WV

Wheeling was the first capital of West Virginia and the location of the Wheeling Convention which set West Virginia in motion to become a state. “Wheeling, West Virginia” is the title of a 1970s Neil Sedaka hit, and Billy Joel’s “Ballad of Billy the Kid” names Wheeling as the birthplace of the song’s adversary.

Wheeling is also a good place to find a lawyer who is well acquainted with local court procedures. Lawyers in Wheeling take all kinds of cases; some examples are: chapter 7 bankruptcy, DUI, workplace disputes, wrongful death, and child custody cases.

Recently in Wheeling, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals denied Massey Energy Company’s request for appeal from a judgment against them and in favor of the company’s subsidiary Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation and co-plaintiff Mountain State Carbon LLC. The original award totaled $219.85 million for failing to produce substantial amounts of metallurgical coal among other misrepresentations. The judgment earns interest and is now totaled at $260 million.

If you are looking to solve a domestic abuse or child custody case, the First Family Court Circuit Court in Wheeling handles this plus child support matters and divorces. If you are looking to file a lawsuit in Wheeling, you will be visiting the First Judicial Circuit Court. This court handles all civil, probate, real property and criminal cases and appeals. Traffic and ordinance violation cases are heard at the same court that hears small claims cases with a limit of $5,000 and civil protection cases: the Ohio Magistrate Court.

LegalMatch is an online matching service that will help pair you with the best Wheeling lawyer available. Also, check out the LegalMatch’s online law library and forums sections if you are interested in doing some preliminary research on your case.

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