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Learn More About South Portland, ME

South Portland is considered to be the retail capital of Maine as it houses some of the largest malls in the state. However, despite these stores and a few other industrial institutions, South Portland is still considered to be suburban. Mixed among the retail, shipbuilding, and pipelines are the neighborhoods and parks that Maine is famous for. South Portland is truly an embodiment of a great American city.

If you need legal representation in South Portland, there are a number of talented South Portland lawyers ready to help. These attorneys are proficient in areas of law such as employment discrimination, personal injury, DUI, immigration, leasing, contract, criminal defense, real estate, will and estates, product liability, and many more.

The family of a deceased South Portland man recently filed a lawsuit against the city of South Portland. The lawsuit claims that the South Portland police used excessive force and were not properly trained for dealing with the mentally ill. The deceased man had recently been released from a mental hospital before he was fatally shot and killed by police that surrounded his house for four hours. The suit claims that the man was at least fifteen feet away from the nearest police officer when the fatal shot was fired; however, the city of South Portland seems likely to contend that the police acted appropriately because the man was wielding two knives while approaching the police.

If you are going to file a lawsuit in South Portland, you will probably have to visit either the Cumberland County Superior Court or the Portland District Court. Local South Portland lawyers are very familiar with both of these courts and are ready to represent you.

If you need to find the right lawyer for your case in South Portland, you should consider visiting We offer a free online service that matches your case to lawyers in you area that have the experience necessary to advise you. As always only work with legal professionals that are in good standing with the state bar.

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