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Learn More About Portland, ME

Portland is the largest city in Maine and draws many tourists each year. The city offers draws such as the Portland Head Light, which has been called the most photographed lighthouse in the United States, and the Old Port district. Portland’s Old Port district is made up of cobblestone streets, old brick houses, and many of the top restaurants in the country, for which it was nominated as one of four finalists in the 2007 “Delicious Destinations of the Year.”

Portland is also home to many talented Portland lawyers. These legal professionals are ready and eager to help you with your legal battles and are experienced in areas of law such as DUI, commercial real estate, wills and estates, divorce, child custody, immigration, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, and many others.

A federal judge in Portland is currently deciding whether or not to certify a class action lawsuit filed against Hannaford, a large chain of grocery stores. The class action suit seeks certification for thousands of customers who had their credit and debit card information taken by hackers who infiltrated Hannaford’s security system. In total, more than four million cards were jeopardized. Over twenty lawsuits were filed against Hannaford and these were consolidated into the pending class action lawsuit. If the Portland judge decides to certify the suit, the lawsuit can proceed. However, if the judge decides that the plaintiffs do not have a legal foundation to stand on, the case will be dismissed in the Portland court.

Depending on the type of case that you have in Portland, you will most likely have to report to either the Portland District Court or the United States District Court for the District of Maine. These two courts are quite different and it pays to have a local attorney who knows which court you will have to report to.

Perhaps you have decided that you need to file a lawsuit, but you are not sure of how to find the right Portland attorney for your case. has made the process simple for you. After filing out a form that tells us about your case, local attorneys will contact you about representing your interests in court. There is no pressure to hire any of the lawyers who respond to your posting, and your information will remain strictly confidential.

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