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Learn More About Lewiston, ME

The city of Lewiston is the second largest in the state of Maine and is currently experiencing a string of economic growth projects. After the textile industry moved to the southern states, Lewiston struggled to stay above water.  After years of economic battles, Lewiston is again emerging as a vibrant and diverse city, and in 2007 it was awarded an All-America City Award by the National Civil League.
If you need legal assistance in Lewiston, there are a number of highly talented Lewiston lawyers who are available to represent you. These attorneys are experienced in many fields of law such as bankruptcy, tax, personal injury, immigration, employment, DUI, criminal defense, and more.
A lawsuit filed by a Lewiston School District Superintendent was recently thrown out by a federal judge. The lawsuit arose when a student threw a piece of ham on a table that a group of Muslim students were sitting at during lunch time. The ham, which was offensive to the Muslim students, sparked a controversy about which an online author wrote a spoof, falsely quoting the Lewiston Superintendent as saying the school district was developing an “anti-ham response plan.” Fox news picked up the story and quoted the spoof as truth, resulting in numerous hate calls and threatening letters to the Lewiston Superintendent. The Superintendent filed a slander suit against Fox news, but the judge threw the suit out finding only gullibility on the part of the defendants, not actual malice.
Lewiston is served by the Lewiston District Court, which hears both civil and criminal cases arising in Lewiston. Because these courts sit without a jury, it is important that you have a local attorney who knows how to make good arguments in front of the judges that sit in this court. A local Lewiston attorney can fill that role for your case.
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