Legal Marketing as a Tool for Building Up a Practice

Legal marketing is a term that is often used synonymously with legal advertising. However, legal marketing is a much broader concept that includes advertising as well as other activities. For example legal marketing may also include other aspects of a practice like public relations, client relations, and networking with other legal professionals.

One of the main goals of lawyer marketing or attorney marketing is to build up one’s practice through a steady stream of clients. This is typically accomplished through various advertising routes (such as phone book ads and online ads). Unless the lawyer or law firm is working with an established client base, it is generally necessary to engage in some form of lawyer advertising.

Legal Marketing and Return on Investment

Return on investment (ROI) is an important aspect of legal marketing. Basically, return on investment compares the cost of a marketing campaign with the amount of business it generates. For example, if a lawyer is interested in placing an ad online, they will need to calculate how much it costs to place the ad, and how much it costs to maintain.

With so many consumers using online avenues for commerce, printed ads such as those placed in a phone book or newspaper are yielding less favorable return on investment rates. Many lawyers are finding that it’s more expensive to keep an ad in the phone book, and that the ad isn’t bringing in much business for their practice.

Conversion as a Main Goal in Legal Marketing

Part of the reason why traditional ads are not working well anymore is that they don’t “convert” very well. This means that a phone book ad might help an attorney get some phone calls from interested consumers, but if they don’t actually hire the lawyer, then that ad is not doing well in terms of conversion. This may occur for example if the client was actually looking for a different type of lawyer than the one they called.

Newer alternatives to advertising such as attorney-client matching can help boost conversion rates in a legal marketing campaign. For example, LegalMatch’s attorney client matching system brings you several steps closer to the goal of converting leads into actual client representation.

This occurs because consumers in an attorney-client matching system tend to be more interesting in hiring a lawyer. In comparison, straight advertising may lead to a high volume of dead-end calls, where the consumer is simply asking for information or is actually looking for a different service.