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  • MichaelSpencer C.
  • Lynnwood, WA
  • Family Law
  • If you put the effort in, then LegalMatch is a great system.
  • LegalMatch doubled our business.
  • We've been able to increase our profit, hire additional staff and connect with more clients.

Within 2 years my firm was able to retain 52 clients through LegalMatch. It made my firm more successful and at the same time encouraged us to up our game.

How LegalMatch Helped Michael C. Grow and Branch Out

I have been a member of LegalMatch for two years now. LegalMatch has greatly affected us in a positive way. In those two years, we have retained 52 clients through LegalMatch. We've been able to increase our profit. We've been able to hire additional staff. We have been able to connect with clients.

The other thing that people should realize about LegalMatch is that, with LegalMatch, if you do a good job for one of the clients on LegalMatch, it's going to lead to a lot of other referrals. The immediate impact is that you get that individual client, for us it led to a ton of other referrals from those clients.

LegalMatch has made me and my firm more successful. Being paired with LegalMatch, it made us up our game. What I mean by that is that, I feel that LegalMatch is a very professional organisation and so we want to deliver the same sort of professional and high quality product that you have provided to us.

LegalMatch Works for the Proactive Attorney

I think when it comes to LegalMatch, it's not great for every attorney. The reason I say that is because you do need to be proactive with LegalMatch. In order for you to be successful, you have to put the effort in. If you put the effort in, then it's a great system. I would say it doubled our business.

Through the additional client intake, we've really been able to build infrastructure, build our staff out. Overall, it's just been a really great way to build a practice. I would also mention that, by and large, the leads that were provided from LegalMatch are very good as well; high-quality leads.

Make the Most Out of Your LegalMatch Membership: Commit and Stick to Leads

One thing I would say is stay current about getting your leads. And then once you get your leads, follow up with people. Don't be afraid to call. They've asked for your help already and now you need to see if you can really help them.

The other thing I would tell young attorneys, don't bite off more than you can chew because the other thing about LegalMatch is that if you do a poor job, that's going to be reflective. It actually helps for young attorney to say hey, there are certain things you can do and can't do.

Bottom Line: LegalMatch Works If You Work Too

You can build a book of clients from LegalMatch. That is possible. I can say that.

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