Gregory A. Attorney Review

Gregory A. - Rockville, MD


  • Education: Law school: University of Maryland 2005 MD University/College: University of Maryland Political Science Other information: Graduated magna cum laude (political science degree).
  • Area of practice: Criminal Law
  • In practice since: 2005
  • Licensed to practice in: MD

Professional Overview:

Six months out of law school I decided to start my own practice.  Being a new attorney I had not yet established a reputation and advertising funds were close to nonexistent.  I began searching for new ways of advertising in order to get my name out there when I found LegalMatch.  I thought that they would be the most cost effective and highest revenue generating service for my investment.  I was right.

I retained my first client within the first couple of months using the service.  Now I retain about 70% of the clients that I consult with.  One of the greatest features about the LegalMatch system is that the clients seeking legal assistance are in my geographical area and legal specialty.  This allows me to grow my client base rapidly.

I have now been a solo practitioner for 3 years.  I credit LegalMatch with my success and consider the service a cornerstone of my practice.

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