Income Requirements for Sponsor Spouse

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The sponsor spouse must meet the minimum income requirement set by the BCIS. The income requirement reflects what the U.S. government has set as the poverty line, which is the minimum income necessary to support a person without reliance on public assistance.

The current income requirement for a household of two is $15, 612 annually, and the requirement increases $3,975 for each additional household member.

What if I Don't Meet the Minimum Income Requirement?

If the sponsor spouse doesn't meet the minimum income requirement, and the immigrant spouse is employed, you may be able to claim both incomes, but you will need to consult an immigration attorney on how to do this. If the sponsor is attempting to bring multiple family members to the U.S. but doesn't meet the minimum income requirement, one solution is to bring only one family member at a time. By doing this, family members present in the U.S. can work and add their income to the household income total.

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