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Looking for a lawyer can be a difficult experience.  This is especially true for those who are unfamiliar with the legal profession.  As a result, many people turn to attorney referral services as a first step in their search.

Like many states, the State Bar of Georgia does not have its own attorney referral service.  Instead, the Georgia Bar keeps a list of lawyer referral services that it certifies as having met its standards.  These services range from local lawyer referrals to national organizations that are focused on a specific subject, like Social Security or Bankruptcy.

A few county bar associations in Georgia have their own attorney referral services.  These services often will provide lawyer referrals for the neighboring counties as well.  Contact information for these lawyer referral services, plus a list of what areas they cover, can be found at the American Bar Association’s website.

Finally, aside from attorney referral services maintained by county bar associations or registered with the Georgia State Bar, there are private referral services as well.  These tend to be regional or national in reach, and can easily be found online.  They are usually free to use, and depending on the service may provide multiple referrals and general legal information. Follow these links to useful websites for evaluating various in Lawyer Referral Services in DeKalb County and Lawyer Referral Services in Fulton County.

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