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What Are Divorce Lawyers?

Divorce lawyers represent clients in matters related to divorce, legal separation, dissolution of marriage, and other similar legal issues. In most cases, a divorce attorney may be consulted for advice, legal research, and representation for a legal case. Filing for divorce can often be complex due to the number of different divorce laws and statutes.

For instance, depending on the facts surrounding the case, the parties may consider filing for legal separation rather than divorce. Or, they might benefit more from an annulment rather than a divorce. A divorce lawyer may be needed in order to explain all these different types of legal concepts and ideas.

What Are Some Common Divorce-Related Legal Issues in Maryland?

Divorce lawyers in MD often handle various aspects of a divorce case including:

In addition, a lawyer may be needed if a person wants to stop divorce proceedings. This can happen for instance if the divorce is being contested by one of the parties.

What Share of the Property Am I Entitled to in a Divorce in Maryland?

Property distribution in Maryland divorce cases must follow principles of equitable distribution. This means that the property will be divided according to factors which make the division fair and equal between the parties. This determined using a number of factors, including income levels, assets owned, and the length of the marriage. Thus, the division of property during divorce in Maryland will be different in each individual case.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with a Divorce Case in Maryland?

Divorce cases and lawsuits generally require the assistance of a qualified lawyer. In addition, there may be several different ways to legally terminate a marriage. You may need to hire a Maryland lawyer if you need help understanding your options. An experienced lawyer can help you file your claim and can provide you with legal research and representation during the process.

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