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What is the Age of Consent in Alaska?

In Alaska, the age of consent law is unique. Rather than focusing on the age of one of the parties, it places far more emphasis on the age difference between the 2 parties. However, the cutoff age for statutory rape is 16.

Generally, if the age difference between the parties is less than 3 years, there is no crime.

As a general matter, if both parties are over the age of 16, there is nothing to worry about. When one of the parties is below the age of 16, it becomes more complicated, and the age difference between the 2 parties becomes more important.

For example, if an 18 year old has sex with a 15 year old, statutory rape has been committed, since the 15 year old is below the age of consent and there is a 3 year age difference between them. However, if the 18 year old had instead been 17, there would be no crime.

In short, any two people who are over the age of 16 can consent to sex in Alaska, but if one of the partners is under 16, and there is at least a 3 year age difference between the partners, it is illegal for them to have sex.

The law in Alaska is gender-neutral. It does not matter if the victim (the person below the age of consent) is male or female, and it applies to homosexual as well as heterosexual conduct. You can find more information on Alaska, Anchorage Lawyers and Alaska Lawyers on our City/State pages

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