Many of the exemptions available when filing bankruptcy in Wyoming are listed below. Wyoming residents cannot use the federal bankruptcy exemptions, and must instead file under state bankruptcy laws. Some of the amounts listed may be higher for married couples filing bankruptcy together. Please consult an attorney for more details on how to file for Wyoming bankruptcy.

• Homestead (equity in dwelling used as residence)
– Up to $20,000 of equity in a residence, including a house trailer
• Equity in automobile
– Up to $5,000 in a vehicle
• Personal property
– Up to $4,000 per person in home in bedding, furniture, household items, and food
– Bibles, school books, and pictures
– Burial plots and prepaid funeral contracts
– Clothing
– Wedding rings
• Tools of the Trade
– Up to $4,000 in either: professional books, implements and instruments or the tools, team, implement, and stock used in a business
• Wages
– 75% of disposable income or 30 times minimum wage
– National Guard earnings
– Wages of inmates and work release participants
• Insurance
– Up to $350 a month in annuity contracts
– Fraternal benefit society benefits
– Life insurance or disability benefits that specifically cannot be used to pay creditors
– Group life/disability insurance policy/proceeds
– Individual life insurance policy/proceeds
• Pensions and retirement
– Public and private tax exempt retirement accounts
– Firefighter, police, highway patrol, criminal investigator, and game/fish warden pensions
– Public employee pensions
• Public benefits
– General assistance
– Unemployment benefits
Workers’ compensation
– Crime victims’ compensation
Social security
– Veterans’ benefits
• Other
– Medical savings account contributions
– Liquor licenses

Do I Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

If you are filing for bankruptcy in Wyoming and have questions about how to move forward with the process, you may wish to consult a Wyoming bankruptcy lawyer who can offer guidance about state law and help you keep some of your property and other assets.