United States Citizens and Resident Aliens Living Overseas

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United States Citizens and Resident Aliens Living Overseas

The United States taxes its residents on all of their worldwide income. However, if you are a U.S. resident alien or citizen who lives and works overseas, you may be able to earn exclusions on all or part of your foreign earned income.

What Are Foreign Earnings?

During the time your tax home is in a foreign country, and you meet either the bona fide residence test or the physical presence test, foreign earned income is defined as:

Where you perform the services is what defines your income as foreign, not where or how you are paid. For instance, income received for personal services performed in France is foreign earned income, even if the employer is American and your pay is deposited in an American bank.

Do I Qualify for Foreign Earned Income Exclusion?

Both U.S. citizens and resident aliens may be eligible for foreign earned income exclusion:

What Can I Do If I Need Help with Taxes on My Foreign Income?

You may want to consult a tax lawyer familiar with U.S. tax laws or one who specializes in International Tax. An experienced tax attorney will be able to answer your questions and concerns regarding your foreign income.

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