A commercial or business attorney handles various matters related to the operation and maintenance of a business organization. This can involve aspects of the business such as:

  • Business planning stages
  • Business start-up processes
  • Disputes between or within businesses
  • Drafting, reviewing, and contesting business contracts
  • Commercial compliance issues

Commercial law attorneys may also handle other aspects of business management, such as commercial insurance, commercial leases, real estate and other issues. The breadth and scope of an attorney’s practice often depends on their experience as well as any additional certification they might have.

What Are Some Tips for Working with a Commercial Attorney?

When working with a commercial attorney, you’ll want to follow a few guidelines and pointers. These can help you cover all the bases related to your legal claim, and can help you maximize your interactions with your lawyer. Some tips include:

  • Identify your legal needs and requirements: For example, if your legal needs revolve around business start-up issues, you may want to make a list of all the questions and concerns that you need to discuss with your lawyer. You should do this while the questions are still fresh in your mind, as it’s easy to forget specific points and details over time.
  • Anticipate additional issues: Some commercial lawsuits may involve other laws, such as tax laws, securities violations, environmental issues, and other matters. Be sure that your attorney will be able to provide assistance with regards to these types of complex cases.
  • Consider your own business protections: Commercial laws can sometimes focus on consumers and public safety; be sure to ask your attorney how the laws might work in your company’s favor (for instance, with regards to tax or charity benefits).
  • Inquire regarding legal remedies: These can be different depending on the type of business dispute involved. For instance, some disputes may end in a damages award, while other cases might involve a rewriting of a contract. These may also differ according to state or local law.

Lastly, be sure to research your attorney’s background and qualifications. This will help you to avoid possible conflicts of interest.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Commercial Law Issues?

Commercial and business laws can vary widely from place to place. You may need to hire a qualified commercial or business lawyer if you need help with any legal claims. Your attorney can inform you of your rights and can help represent you during court hearings and meetings. Also, if you have any specific questions regarding your business’ legal status, your attorney can help perform research for more information.