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What Is Theft?

Theft is a type of property crime, generally defined as any instance of stealing. Theft is a broad category that encompasses several more specific crimes:

Some jurisdictions continue to treat the theft crimes as separate, distinct charges, while others have consolidated them into a more general charge of “theft.”

What Are Some Common Examples of Theft Crimes?

Theft can be categorized as a felony or misdemeanor depending on the nature and severity of the theft – i.e. what was stolen and how much it was worth. Common theft crimes include:

Are You a Victim of Theft?

If you are a victim of theft, you should call the police. If there is sufficient evidence, the police will then forward your case to the District Attorney's office to prosecute the person who committed the theft against you.

Have You Been Accused of Theft?

If you are accused of theft, you should speak to a criminal defense attorney to learn more about your rights, defenses, and the legal ramifications under the National Stolen Property Act.

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