Some states place limitations on firearm possession and sales. These are the restriction on firearms in Texas:

  • The Child Access Prevention Law – This law requires adults to use a loaded-chamber indicator and magazine safety disconnects to prevent accidental shootings. It also requires owners to store guns in a place not readily available to minors under 18. If a child obtains an improperly stored gun the adult owner is criminally liable.
  • Juvenile Sale/Transfer Law – This law bars or restricts the sale or transfer of specified guns to youth. In Texas you have to be 18 to buy any firearm.

Does Texas Have a Juvenile Possession Law?

No, they don’t.

Does Texas Require Background Checks?

No, the only background check that is done is a federal "instant check". There is no state-based criminal background check. Texas doesn’t have a waiting period to buy a gun and so no "cooling off period" to prevent crimes of passion.

Is it Illegal to Carry a Concealed Weapon?

No, but you need a permit (a concealed weapons permit, CCW) from the police to carry a weapon in public. You have to be 21 to get such a permit.

Does Texas Require a License to Possess Firearms?

No, there is no requirement of a license to purchase or own a firearm. However, people convicted of certain crimes cannot possess firearms.

Does Texas Have a Ban on Assault Weapons?

No, there is no ban of these weapons in Texas. Federal law does prevent the sale of some assault weapons, but the federal law will expire in 2004 unless Congress renews it. 

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