Petition Preparers are services that will arrange and complete forms required for Bankruptcy court.  An increasing number of people have been using Petition Preparers to help them get ready to file for bankruptcy.  However, is it a good idea to use these services?

It is important to note that Bankruptcy courts strongly recommend that you hire an attorney when filing for bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy law is very technical, and a simple mistake could severely affect your rights, or even have your case thrown out of court. 

Petition Preparers are not lawyers, and are not allowed to provide any legal advice.  This includes not only difficult questions such as what property you should exempt, but also basic questions such as what type of bankruptcy you should file.  In short, you must fully understand the process and be able to represent yourself in Bankruptcy court.

However, if you are sure that you do not want to hire an attorney, then hiring the services of a Petition Preparer may be a good idea.  A good bankruptcy Petition Preparer will be able to generate the proper documents quickly and easily.  This can be a great help in your preparation for court.  Also, Petition Preparers generally charge lower fees.