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What Can a California Bankruptcy Lawyer Do for You?

Generally speaking, the main reason that persons and businesses file for bankruptcy is to eliminate or restructure debts. This can make it more manageable for the person or business filing to catch up on some of their missing payments. A business lawyer in California can assist California residents and businesses in filing for bankruptcy. From Chapter 7 to Chapter 11, a California bankruptcy lawyer will know which Chapter to select and which laws apply.

Both businesses and individuals can benefit from hiring a California bankruptcy lawyer before they declare bankruptcy. A California bankruptcy lawyer will be able to provide a number of different legal services, such as representing clients in bankruptcy court and reviewing any documents associated with a bankruptcy petition.

In addition, a California bankruptcy lawyer can explain the risks and benefits of declaring bankruptcy, as well as the legal rights that a bankruptcy petitioner has under federal bankruptcy regulations and other California state laws.

How Much Does a California Bankruptcy Lawyer Cost?

The cost of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer in California depends on the type of legal services that a client is asking them to perform as well as on the fee structure that is used. Generally, the average cost of a bankruptcy lawyer in California state is approximately $1,525, with the lowest rate hovering around $1,200 and the highest rate being $1,850.

Of course, these amounts can be affected by a variety of factors, such as the complexity of legal issues in a particular bankruptcy case and the Chapter of bankruptcy that a client is filing.

There is also the option of using a California legal aid service or asking a California law firm to take a bankruptcy case pro bono. While these options can reduce the costs, not everyone may be eligible to receive them.

Accordingly, a bankruptcy lawyer in California can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars or less to thousands of dollars.

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