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Why Are Security Measures Important?

The essence of trade secret law lies in the fact that economically valuable information is kept secret from the public domain. If you want to be eligible for trade secret protection, you must have some security measures to keep your information secret. If you do not use adequate security measures, even if someone steals or misappropriates your information, it will not be considered a trade secret and you will have no remedy for the loss of the information.

What Kind of Security Measures Will Protect My Trade Secret?

You need to take reasonable security measures to protect your trade secret.

The reasonableness of your security measures will depend on several factors. Some of these factors include:

What Are Some Common Security Measures?

There are several types of security measures that can be useful when protecting a trade secret. They include:

Should I Consult a Trade Secret Lawyer?

If you have information that you wish to protect as a trade secret, you may want to consult a trade secret lawyer. A lawyer experienced in trade secret law will be able to help you figure out the best way to protect your information, and offer you guidance in the various areas of trade secret law.

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