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Learn More About Benton County, AR

Tucked into the northwest corner of the state, Benton County, Arkansas is a dry county, meaning that sale of alcohol is prohibited. In addition, the county is home to the corporate headquarters of Wal-Mart, as well as Tyson Foods. Benton County is a very attractive place to live, with many deciduous trees that lose their leaves every fall in a shower of browns and oranges.

In the News: A Benton County man recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer, Wal-Mart, accusing the retail giant of leading a witch-hunt to get him fired. In his suit, the man claims that the corporation’s legal counsel led an investigation that was improper and resulted in the man’s retirement and subsequent criminal prosecution by the state. The Benton County man claims the corporation’s legal counsel let his zeal to be a prosecutor blind him from a fair and impartial search for the truth. The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages from the corporation.

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