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There are five court systems in Arkansas' judicial branch - Arkansas Supreme Court, Arkansas Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts, District Courts and City Courts. Most cases begin in district court. The Supreme Court is considered the court of last resort. Attorneys in Arkansas practice in many areas including criminal law, family law, and more.

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About Arkansas

Arkansas is a state located in the Southern region of the United States. As with the federal government in the U.S, the political power in the state of Arkansas is divided into three different branches: legislative, judicial, and executive.

Arkansas family lawyers, Arkansas real estate lawyers, Arkansas divorce lawyers, Arkansas criminal attorneysArkansas Governor Bill Clinton brought attention to the state with a long speech that he gave and winning the Democratic nomination for the President.

Learn About the Legal System in Arkansas

There are several different types of courts located in the state of Arkansas. These courts include the Arkansas Supreme Court, the Arkansas Court of Appeals, 128 Circuit Courts, 64 District Courts, 103 Local District Courts, and 91 City Courts.The majority of the domestic cases (divorce, child support, child custody) are heard in the Arkansas Circuit Courts.

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