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Reasonable Lawyer Fees

Attorneys Fees: Reasonable and Standard

If you have a strong case with a likelihood of a lucrative outcome you’ll have a stronger bargaining position; however the fee you’ll pay in the end will depend on several factors. Below are the factors to take into consideration when determining if the fee you pay is reasonable and fair:

Is there Such a Thing as a “Standard” Attorney Fee?

All lawyer fees are negotiable, except when they are limited by law. Sometimes there might be a “going rate” that most, but not all, lawyers in a specific place charge for a certain type of job. Examples are, handling an eviction, preparing a living trust, doing a trademark search or filing a bankruptcy. 

How Can I Reduce My Legal Fees?

Lawyers are expensive. These are some ways to keep your legal expenses down:

What Can I Do If My Lawyer and I Have a Fee Dispute?

If you think your lawyer is charging you too much and you can’t reach an agreement, many state and local bar associations offer fee arbitration programs. They offer an out-of court forum to settle disputes that is usually cheaper than going to court. Both parties need to agree to see an arbitration lawyer or consent to mediation. In certain states arbitration is required for most fee disputes: Alaska, California, Maine, New Jersey, South Carolina and Wyoming.

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