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What Does "Partnership By Estoppel" Mean?

In some situations, based on your statements and/or conduct, the court will consider you a partner even if you have not actually entered into a partnership agreement

Partnership by estoppel means that a person who is not technically a partner can be held liable as a general partner would be for any debts and damages owed to a third party. 

Am I at Risk of Being Held Liable as a Partner?

Any person who is determined to be a partner will be liable for all partnership debts should the partnership be unable to pay its creditors. You can be held liable as a partner by estoppel if the following has occurred:

Generally a partner by estoppel is created when someone is:

Should I Contact an Attorney About My Partnership Issue?

If you believe that you are not in fact involved in a partnership and someone is trying to collect from you as a partner, an attorney with business litigation experience can represent you to protect your rights and interests.

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