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What Is the Nursing Home Reform Act?

The Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 made substantial reforms to nursing home legislation. The Act is aimed at ensuring that nursing home residents receive quality care, provide certain services and establish a Residents' Bill of Rights. These standards apply to nursing homes participating in Medicare and Medicaid

What Services Does the Act Require?

The Act establishes that certain services are to be provided for residents. These include: 

How Are the Provisions of the Act Enforced?

States are required to conduct unannounced surveys at irregular intervals at least once every 15 months. If a nursing home is out of compliance the home may be subject to sanctions including: 

What Is the Nursing Home Residents' Bill of Rights?

The Nursing Home Reform Act guarantees residents the right to: 

What Should I Do If My Nursing Home Violates the Nursing Home Reform Act?

If you feel that your rights under the Nursing Home Reform Act are being violated you should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you file a complaint against the nursing home and recover damages for any injuries you have suffered.

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