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What Is a Nail Gun?

Nail guns are useful tools, especially in the construction industry, that enables nailing to be done in a faction of the time it would take with a hammer and nails.  Nail guns are powerful machines that shoot nails at a high speed, fully embedding them in a piece of wood, masonry, steel, or concrete. 

What Types of Nail Guns are Out There?

There are two main types of nail guns, the sequential and contact.  With a sequential nail gun, the trigger must be released and depressed every time a nail is fired.  With a contact nail gun, the gun can continue to fire each time the nosepiece is depressed.  The sequential nail gun is considered the safer nail gun due to its better design.

Safety Measures when Using a Nail Gun

The following are common precautions that should be taken when using a nail gun: 

Remedies for Those Injured in a Crane Accident

A person who is injured in a nail gun accident may have a personal injury claim based on an intentional tort, or negligence. An employee who is injured in a nail gun accident may have a personal injury claim based on workers compensation.

Should I Consult a Construction Attorney?

Nail gun accidents are complex.  A thorough knowledge of the construction industry is vital to success in these cases.  An experienced construction attorney can help a victim of a nail gun accident to determine what legal course of action might be available.  An attorney determine what safety measures, if any, were being taken by the employer when the accident occurred, and if those measure met federal or state law.

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