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How Do Crane Accidents Typically Occur?

The following is the percentage of fatal crane accidents broken down by category by primary cause:

What Factors Might Reduce the Risk of a Crane Accident?

Taking the following precautions reduce the risk of a crane accident occurring:

What Organizations Regulates Use of Cranes?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) maintain a variety of measures that govern the use of cranes.

What Regulations Exist Regarding Crane Use?

OSHA requires crane operators to be 18 years of age or older and to be properly trained. OSHA has specific training requirements that the crane operator must satisfy. The specific training requirements vary depending on the type of crane the crane operator is using. OSHA also has detailed industry standards describing crane design, crane labeling, and crane inspection.

Are There Remedies for Those Injured in a Crane Accident?

A person who is injured in a crane accident may have a personal injury claim based on an intentional tort, or negligence. An employee who is injured in a crane accident may have a personal injury claim based on workers compensation.

Should I Consult a Construction Attorney?

Crane accidents are complex. Success in these cases requires a thorough knowledge of the construction industry. An experienced construction attorney or personal injury attorney can help a victim of a crane accident to determine what legal course of action might be available. In addition, an attorney can help with the discovery process to see what safety measures were being undertaken by the employer and if those precautions met OSHA or State law.

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