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How Do I Choose A Moving Company?

While the Internet provides a wealth of information concerning moving companies, searching the phone book or asking real estate agents for recommendations may result in more reliable information. Do not hesitate to request estimates from different moving companies, to research the trucks, offices, and facilities of various movers, and to pay special attention to the exact contract you make with the mover you choose.

What Are My Rights And Responsibilities? 

Under federal law, your moving company must provide you with a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration booklet titled "Rights and Responsibilities When You Move."  Some of the information contained in this pamphlet includes: 

My Property Has Been Lost, Damaged, or Destroyed

You may recover money from your mover to compensate for lost, damaged, or destroyed items, as well as the transportation charges that apply to this property. However, this regulation may not apply if the loss, damage, or destruction occurred as a result of an act or omission by you. In this case, the mover can require you to take responsibility.

The Mover Refuses To Deliver My Property

Fraud occurs when a mover offers a low estimate and then inflates the cost and refuses delivery until you pay the higher price.  Although this scam is common, a mover may also have a legal justification for not delivering your property as expected. 

Do I Need A Lawyer?

The moving industry is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is a branch of the Federal Department of Transportation. While you can file complaints with these two groups, the process may be confusing and time consuming.  Speaking to an experienced attorney who understands the moving industry may help you reach a resolution for whatever moving issue you face. 

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