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Leaving Children in Parked Cars

At the start of every summer, tragic incidences occur when children are left unattended in parked cars. Regardless whether children are left in cars with the window slightly rolled down, the risk to life in summer months greatly increase where the closed environment of a car can heat up within 15 minutes to temperatures above 125 degrees. This can result in heatstroke which can include symptoms like:

Without immediate treatment, heatstroke is potentially fatal, and more so for children who are at particular risk because they cannot regulate body temperatures as efficiently as adults.

Penalties for Leaving Children Unattended in Parked Cars

Although there is no uniform law, local laws are currently being enacted to allow police to ticket anyone who leaves an underage child in a car without the supervision of someone who is of the required age. The fee can range from $100-$300, along with costly court fees. 


If anything happens to the child, more serious consequences can occur, such as criminal charges which can include: 

Should I Speak to a Lawyer if I'm Criminally Charged for Leaving a Child in a Car?

Child endangerment is a grave charge that can lead to jail time, and possibly a Child Protective Services investigation that may result in the placement of your children in foster care. Because of the serious repercussions that can occur from leaving a child in an unattended car, it is wise to seek counsel from a criminal lawyer.

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