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What Is Child Enticement?

Child enticement usually refers to the act, conspiracy, or attempt to commit a sexual offense against a child. The person accused of child enticement lures a child to a secluded place to commit a sexual act.

Is Child Enticement the Same as Child Endangerment?

No. Child enticement is the act of trying or actually committing a sexual offense against a minor. Child endangerment describes various criminal offenses that endanger a child. The endangerment may focus on the moral, social, metal, or physical well-being of a child.

What Type of Crimes Are Considered Child Enticement?

The types of crimes considered child enticement include:

Is Enticing a Child the Same as a Kidnapping Charge?

No. Kidnapping is the unlawful act of taking an individual without their consent. The individual may be a child or adult. The unlawful act may involve fraud, force, or coercion on the part of the accused person. The person accused of kidnapping may be a family member or a stranger. Also, kidnapping does not focus on how a person takes an individual.

Is Enticing a Child a Misdemeanor Crime?

It depends on the circumstances, such as where the crime occurs and what the intentions of the person doing the enticing are. However, enticing a child is usually a felony charge. A felony is classified the most serious of criminal offenses with the possibility of prison time.

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Child Enticement Charge?

If you are charged with child enticement, you may be facing a felony charge and potential labeling as a child predator. A criminal lawyer is vital to understanding defenses available to you and how to resolve your case.

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