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 What Does a Financial Lawyer Do?

A financial services lawyer is an attorney who helps people with financial legal issues. This kind of lawyer often specialize in a certain type of finance law. A financial lawyer can help clients with a wide variety of financial matters.

Finance law includes many different specific areas of law. Finance law deals with the rules that apply to financial matters. Finance law includes topics like insurance, investments, commercial banking, capital marketing, etc.

Finances are very important in your everyday life. Things like investing money for retirement or buying real estate often involve finance law. Many financial services lawyers specialize in a certain area of finance law. For example, they may specialize in real estate, investments, banking, taxes etc.

A financial services lawyer can help clients with many different tasks. An experienced and knowledgeable financial services lawyer will be skilled in one, many, or all of the following:

  • Banking Matters: A financial services lawyer can help you with many banking issues. They can assist with banking documents like loans and mortgages. Also, they can help if you have a dispute or disagreement with your bank.
  • Consumer and Business Bankruptcy Claims: Bankruptcy issues are generally very complicated. Bankruptcy can also have a very big impact on your life. A specialized financial services lawyer will explain your rights and offer advice. If your business is involved in bankruptcy, they can tell you how to best protect your company’s assets during the entire process.
  • Debts and Collections: A financial services lawyer can give you advice about debt and collection laws. An experienced lawyer can make sure that any debt collectors are following the rules for collecting debt. Also, they will know about the specific rules under The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”). A specialized attorney will also know debt collector harassment laws. A financial services lawyer can speak to collection companies on your behalf and help with a settlement plan for any debts owed.
  • Insurance and Annuities: A financial services lawyer can help you understand your insurance or annuities. An annuity is a contract used to create a savings or retirement plan. A financial services lawyer can explain the details of your annuity contract. They will tell you understand how the contract affects you and your family. In addition, a financial services lawyer will know the law in your state that applies to insurance. They can deal with any issues you have with your insurance or insurance company.
  • Taxes: Tax law can be extremely complicated. Depending on your specific situation, different tax laws will apply. A financial services lawyer that specializes in tax law can help you file your taxes. They will explain what tax laws affect your personal taxes or your business’ taxes. They can offer advice during the entire process of filing your taxes. If you are audited, they can also help.
  • Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning is another complex area of law. This area of law is constantly changing and is very difficult to understand without an attorney. A financial services lawyer will guide you through the estate planning process. They can explain and help you create trusts and wills. A financial services lawyer will make sure all your legal documents are correct, valid, and properly signed.
  • Securities Law: Securities law deals with the sale, purchase, and creation of security interests. Common examples include stocks and bonds. Many federal laws apply to securities. A specialized financial services lawyer will help you understand this complicated area of law.

How Do I Start the Process of Finding a Financial Lawyer?

Finding a skilled financial services lawyer can seem overwhelming at first. Finding a financial lawyer does not need to be difficult. There are three easy steps you can take to find a lawyer that can handle your specific financial legal issue:

  • Figure Out What Legal Issues You Need a Financial Lawyer For: Financial lawyers specialize in a wide variety of different areas of finance law. It is important that you identify what your legal issues are. If possible, figure out what specific type of finance law you need help with. Gather as much information about the legal issue as possible. If you can give details about your situation, a lawyer will be able to tell you if they specialize in that area of law and whether they can take your case.

    For example, there are some financial services lawyers that only take tax law cases. This means they would not be able to help you file for bankruptcy. Instead, you would need a lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy law cases.

    Give a lawyer any facts and specific details about the financial issue you need help with. If the lawyer has all the important information, they will be able to decide if they can take the case. If they cannot take your case, they can tell you what type of lawyer can help you. Sometimes, they can even give you the contact information of another lawyer.
  • Find and Then Research Financial Lawyers That Can Take Your Case: After you figure out what legal issues you need help with, find lawyers that specialize in that type of law then research them.

    For example, if you need help with a bankruptcy case, search specifically for bankruptcy lawyers. You can use the words “bankruptcy lawyer” in an internet search or look up bankruptcy the phone book. Make a list of names and contact information then do research on each lawyer.

    Using the internet will likely be the easiest way to research an attorney. You should look at any past cases, their general background, and any available reviews. On some websites, you will only be able to find a list of names and phone numbers. Other websites will give you a summary of the lawyer’s experience and reviews from other clients.
  • Contact Any Lawyers You Are Interested in Hiring: After researching lawyers that match your legal issues, you should contact the lawyers directly. If possible, speak to them directly so you can decide if they are a good fit. It can be helpful to contact more than one lawyer. This way, you can compare a few lawyers and decide who you like best before you decide to hire one.

It is important that you can give your lawyer all the information they will need. Make sure you know the legal issue or if there are multiple legal issues. For example, you may have a bankruptcy issue, but you could also have a related tax problem. Check that you have all important documents related to the issue. If any documents are missing, find out if there is a way to get another copy.

The more information you can give to your lawyer at the start, the better able they will be to help you. Immediately tell your lawyer about your entire problem, any worries you have, and what your goal is. Remember that giving your lawyer any important documents will save time and money. A lawyer can do the best job when they have all the information and can start on your issue right away.

What are Some Factors to Look For When Hiring a Financial Lawyer?

Choosing the right financial lawyer for your legal issue is a very important decision. The right financial lawyer will give you the best

  • Experience: Since there are many specific finance law issues, you should choose a specialized financial lawyer that regularly deals with cases like yours. It is important that you choose a lawyer that has special knowledge and skills to help you with your individual situation. You should hire an attorney that has experience dealing with cases that are very similar to yours.
  • Available Time: Find a financial lawyer who has time to work on your case. Sometimes, an attorney can have too many cases on their plate. Make sure that your attorney has time to give your case the attention it needs.
  • Reputation: The reputation of a financial lawyer is an important factor to consider. A financial lawyer with a good reputation in a specialized area of finance law will give you the best results.
  • Personality: Everyone has a different personality. You should choose a financial lawyer that you like and trust based on your interaction with them. You will be contacting and working with the lawyer regularly. Choose a lawyer who you feel comfortable with.

What Can Help Me Find a Financial Lawyer?

The internet is the easiest, quickest, and most convenient way to find a financial lawyer. You can use an internet search or websites to find a financial lawyer online. Some websites will be more helpful than others. You should choose a website that is trustworthy and easy to use to get the best results. is a great tool to find a financial lawyer online. has a unique, free service that matches clients with attorneys in their area. Using this website, you can quickly find a financial lawyer online that is best for your case.

Using LegalMatch to find a financial lawyer online is very easy. All you need to do is fill out a contact form online. As soon as possible, a financial lawyer in your area will respond. Users can leave reviews of attorneys. If you want, you can look at attorney profiles and reviews and contact a specific attorney yourself. The information you fill out can be seen by multiple qualified and experienced financial lawyers in your area. LegalMatch’s free service will help you find the best financial lawyer for your specific legal financial issues.

It is recommended that you hire a skilled and experienced financial lawyer in your area. Finance law can be very complicated and you will likely need a specialized attorney for your financial matter. An experienced financial lawyer will be able to give you the best advice for your specific issue.

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