A breach of contract is the failure to perform or not perform duties under the terms of the contract. Anyone who does not fulfill their obligation can be sued in court.

A breach of contract case is a highly complicated area of law. To understand more about your rights, contact a breach of contract lawyer. The lawyer will tell you what you need to do and how to proceed.

How Much Will a Breach of Contract Lawyer Cost Me?

The cost to bring a breach of contract lawsuit depends on:

  • The lawyer’s hourly wage
  • Time spent working on the case
  • Filing fees

What Factors Cause the Costs of a Lawyer to Vary?

The cost of a lawyer in a breach of contract litigation depends on the following factors:

  1. The type of contract breach: a contract breach can be a minor, material, anticipatory, or fundamental breach.
    • A minor, or partial, breach does not change the outcome of the contract. So, a plaintiff can sue for actual and not performance damages.
    • A material breach is a substantial breach that hinders the contract from being fulfilled. The plaintiff can sue for more damages than they could if there was only a minor breach.
    • A fundamental, or repudiatory, breach allows for the plaintiff to sue for damages and to end the terms of the contract.
    • An anticipatory breach happens when the breaching party refuses to fulfill their obligations. For example, a defendant tells the plaintiff that they are not doing any work after the contract is complete. A plaintiff can sue before or after the party breaches.
  2. Mediation vs. trial: the claim can be settled out of court via mediation or negotiation. Mediation is always the fastest way to resolve a breach of contract dispute. Arbitration is another way to settle a case out of court. A lawyer’s cost increases when he or she must prepare and present a case at trial.
  3. Remedies for breach the contract: A remedy is a resolution to make the plaintiff whole again. Main remedies include damages, restitution, specific performance, or cancellation.

Should I Contact a Lawyer?

If you have been involved in a situation where the terms of a contract have been breached, you may need the assistance of a business lawyer to resolve the issue. You should definitely consult a lawyer if the breach of contract resulted in significant damages.