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What Are Health Care Derivatives?

Health care derivatives are documents that state your wishes regarding your medical treatment needs when you do not have the mental capabilities to make the decisions. There are different types of health care derivatives to carry out your wishes.

What Is a Living Will?

A living will is not a traditional will, but a document that declares the type of medical treatment that you want or do not want, in the event that you cannot make the decision yourself.

Power of Attorney

Sometimes a person may not want to make her own health care decisions. In this case, she can obtain a power of attorney for her health care needs only. This document helps the person select a power of attorney, who in turn, has the power to make medical treatment decisions for that person.

Advance Directive Registries

In the case no one can find your living will or power of attorney when the time comes, there is an optional advance directive registry that you can be on. The advance directive registry is a state run registry where you can record your health care derivatives. Thus, for a fee, health care providers can easily access your wishes.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

When creating legal documents with binding effects, it is wise to retain an experienced estate lawyer. If anything goes wrong in your self-created document, your wishes will not go through and you will be left with expensive results that may not even be fixed.

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