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What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the process of organizing an estate to help with future and after death goals/concerns. Estate planning typically includes transferring property and assets upon a person’s death.

What is a Last Will and Testament?

A will is a written document made to communicate how a person wants property distributed after his death. 

What is a Testator?

A testator is an individual who makes a last will and testament. A testatrix is used to describe a female testator, or individual who makes her last will and testament.

What Does It Mean for the Testator Being in Sound Mind and Body?

A person can’t make a valid will unless he can meet the testamentary capacity. This means the person must be able to understand what he or she is doing and:

Can the Terms Testator and Executor be Used Interchangeably?

No. A testator is an individual who makes a will. An executor is someone the testator elects to distribute property upon his death.

What is a Devisee?

A devisee is an individual named in a will to inherit property. A devisee is commonly known as an heir or beneficiary. 

Can I Make Provisions Regarding When a Devisee Dies Before Me?

Yes. A testator can make provisions about who receives the portion of a devisee’s property if the death occurs prior to the testator’s. For example, per stripes refers to a devisee’s property passing to lineal descendants. Per capita refers to the devisee’s property being split among the remaining devisees.

Should I Talk to a Lawyer about Becoming a Testator?

Yes. Contact an estate planning lawyer regarding making a will to make your final wishes known.

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