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Elder Fraud Lawyers

Financial scams against elders are more common now, and it is a type of elder abuse. Scammers go after unsuspecting elders to deprive them of their money and property.

How Do I Identify a Scam Artist?

Scam artists tend to be very charismatic, who pose as helpful and trustworthy individuals. These people can be strangers, employees at financial institutions, and even relatives.

Also, the scam artists target people over 50, who needs help and are not knowledgeable of any legal recourse.

What Type of Scams Should I Be Aware Of?

Generally, scam artists try to take your money or property. Common fraudulent schemes include:

What Shall I Do If I Am a Victim of a Scam?

Once you are aware that you have been scammed, you need to alert banking institutions and law enforcement. This is to prevent the scam artist from further fraud.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

In some cases, you will still be in contact or will be able to locate the scammer. In addition to contacting law enforcement, you may wish to contact a lawyer to help you confront those who harmed you and get your property back.

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