Divorce and Social Security Benefits

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Can Divorce Affect Social Security Benefits?

Yes, divorce can affect social security benefits. However, the affects may not necessarily be negative.

How Does Divorce Affect Social Security Benefits?

If one spouse was the primary earner in the household, then the other spouse may be entitled to 50% of that spouse’s social security benefits, even though hey are divorced. Below are some important requirements that someone who is seeking to collect on their ex-spouse’s social security benefits should keep in mind.

What If I Get Remarried?

Once a spouse remarries, they will no longer be eligible to collect on their divorced spouse’s social security benefits.

Will My Divorced Spouse Know I Am Collecting on Their Income?

No, and collecting on their work record will have no effect on how much of their own benefits that ex-spouse is entitled to.

Should I Seek Legal Advice?

If you are planning on collecting social security benefits, an experienced social security lawyer can help you plan for doing so. In addition to the considerations above, things like pensions or strategies regarding age can play a vital role in maximizing your benefits.

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