Calculating Child Support in Florida

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Calculating Child Support in Florida

To calculate child support in Florida, each parent’s net income must be determined. Net income is the gross income with allowable deductions taken into account.

Tax Deductions

These allowable deductions include federal, state, and local income tax deductions, federal insurance contributions, union dues, mandatory retirement payments, health insurance payments, mandatory support for other children that is actually paid, and spousal support from a previous marriage not before the court.

Number of Children In Question

Once the total monthly income of both parents is determined, a Florida court will look at the number of children to be supported. Afterwards, the Court allocates a percentage of the total net income to be paid by each parent.

A chart detailing how much you will likely have to pay in child support can be found here:

Simply scroll down to your combined net income, and look across to the number of children. That number will be the total amount due each month.

Exceptions to Lower of Increase Child Support Contributions

While Florida courts will apply this formulaic scheme in ordinary situations, they have discretion to consider other factors. Factors include whether the child needs special medical, psychological, or dental care. The courts will also consider any outside sources of income available to the child such as support from extended family.

Consulting an Attorney

A family law attorney can help you determine the necessary amount of child support is needed. He can also help you navigate the legal system and represent you in court.

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