Calculating Child Support in New York

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Calculating Child Support in New York

In New York, child support is calculated as a percentage of up to $80,000 of the total combined income of both parents.

There are several steps to calculating child support in New York.

1. Calculate the Total Combined Income of Both Parents

First, to calculate the total combined income of both parents, courts will add together the total gross income of both parents, from all sources, based on the previous year’s tax returns.

2. Subtract Any Applicable Deductions from the Total Combined Income

Second, the court will subtract any applicable deductions from the total combined income to determine the adjusted income amount. Applicable deductions that can be subtracted from the total income include:

3. Determine the Percentage of Income to Be Paid as Child Support Based on Number of Children

Child support is then calculated as a simple percentage of the adjusted income amount based on the number of children being supported.

If one child is being supported, 17% will be paid

If the total income of both parents is more than $80,000, the New York court has discretion to apply the same system, and usually will.

4. Determine Each Parent’s Pro Rata Share of Child Support

Finally, the court will assign a pro rata share of child support that each parent must pay based on the amount each parent contributes to the total income. This amount is equal to the individual parent’s total income divided by the combined income of both parents.

Additional Expenses for Child Support

Each parent is responsible for additional support, such as medical expenses and daycare costs.

New York courts can always modify child support orders, if warranted by a change in circumstances.

Seeking Legal Help

Contact an experienced New York attorney if you need help with a child support issue. A qualified child support attorney can provide you more information regarding a child support issue.

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