In New Jersey, nursing mother may breastfeed her child wherever she has a right to be. She may breastfeed at any public place, resort, or amusement park.

The local health board enforces this law. Violators will be subjected to a fine.

Do I Have Any Rights to Pump at Work?

Unfortunately, New Jersey does not have a state workplace breastfeeding law. However, this does not mean an employer may discriminate against a nursing mother.

Can I Take a Pregnancy Leave To Care For My Infant?

Yes, New Jersey has pregnancy disability leave for qualified employees.

Is Federal Law Available to Me?

Although there are federal breastfeeding laws, it is uncertain whether New Jersey has adopted them. Nevertheless, federal laws provide guidance for the states.

Consulting an Employment Attorney

A New Jersey employment lawyer can assess your case. Moreover, he can determine whether federal law applies to your workplace discrimination matters.

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