In Hawaii, a nursing mother may breastfeed her child wherever she has a right to be. She must receive the same services, goods, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations as if she was not breastfeeding.

What Are My Rights to Pump Breast Milk at the Workplace?

An employer or labor union cannot refuse to hire or promote a lactating woman. Further, the nursing mother cannot be discriminated against at the workplace because she is expressing milk at work. Types of discrimination include being discharged from employment, withholding pay, demotion, or penalization.

For example, an employer cannot force you to do another job that is outside your description just because you are breastfeeding. Additionally, an employer cannot deduct your pay because you are using your breaks to express breast milk.

Do I Need an Employment Lawyer?

An experienced employment lawyer can help you obtain your rights. Furthermore, a lawyer can help you file claims to penalize your employers.

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