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What is Aviation Insurance?

Aviation insurance is insurance coverage against aviation mishaps, including the operation of aircraft coupled with exposure to any loss.  Aviation insurance typically covers damages to the aircraft and its contents, any liability for passenger injury or death, products liability and airport liability.   

How Much Insurance Will I Need?

The amount of insurance that you will need to operate an aircraft depends on many factors, including but not limited to:

How Do I File an Aviation Insurance Claim?

After an accident, you should file a letter to your insurance company that:

 After receiving a claim, the insurer can proceed in one of three ways:

What if my Insurance Company will not Cover my Claim?

An aviation insurance company generally has a duty to defend their insured.  The aviation insurance company does this by:

These policies typically require the insured not to interfere with the defense and to cooperate with his assigned lawyer.  However, if your insurance company does not give you proper assurance of your coverage or defense, then you may need to consider hiring your own attorney to protect your interests.  

Do I Need to Consult an Attorney for my Aviation Insurance Problem?

Insurance companies will occasionally deny a claim that they should have paid for. In addition, aviation insurance is a complicated area with different regulations governing various jurisdictions.  It may be helpful to consult an experienced personal injury attorney.  A personal injury lawyer can help you defend against a claim or can help you recover and settle claims owed to you by your insurance company.

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