A bankrupt airline may still continue operations, so it is likely that you will still make it to your final destination as scheduled.  If the airline ceases operations, then technically, you become one of the airline’s creditors in bankruptcy.  You can file a claim in the bankruptcy court, but you will only recover a very small percentage of the value of the ticket, if anything at all. 

Do I Have Alternative Remedies?

Sometimes other airlines will offer special discounted fares for those passengers holding tickets on a bankrupt airline. In the alternative, some types of travel insurance, such as trip cancellation or trip interruption insurance may pay for a replacement ticket. If you are holding an e-ticket on an airline that is on the verge of bankruptcy, you may want to exchange your e-ticket for a paper ticket.  This can be done at the airport ticket counter.  In the rare instance that an airline is willing to accept passengers from a bankrupt airline at no extra charge, that airline will only accept those passengers with paper tickets. 

Do I Need a Lawyer for my Airline Bankruptcy Problem?

If you choose to pursue an action against the airline company in court, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can explain the confusing legal procedures involved and increase your chances of collecting the debt.  An attorney can be vital to getting a judgment against a debtor.

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