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What Is Auto Dealer Fraud?

Auto dealer fraud is the unlawful and deceptive practice an auto dealer uses during the buying process to get people to buy vehicles. In a majority of states, an auto dealer must tell whether the used vehicle:

Is a Lemon Law Case Different from Auto Dealer Fraud?

Yes. A lemon vehicle has a defect or problem the prior owner withheld from the new owner. A vehicle that is the focus of auto dealer fraud was sold using some illegal tactics.

What Are Common Types of Auto Dealer Fraud?

Odometer rollback, also called mileage rollback, is a common type of dealer fraud. It occurs when a dealer alters the total miles of the car. This is an attempt to make it look like the vehicle has fewer miles than it actually has.

Document fraud involves providing a buyer with a false car report history.

Bait and switch is another form of fraud. It occurs when a dealer offers one vehicle for sale knowing it is no longer available. A buyer purchases the vehicle and the dealer switches the unavailable car with a different one. The buyer generally pays a higher price for the second car.  

Should I Consult an Attorney If I Am the Victim of Auto Dealer Fraud?

Yes. In many states, a person is required to contact the auto dealer to allow the dealer to correct the problem before they can file a lawsuit. Instead of having to do this yourself, you can hire a personal injury lawyer to contact the dealer on your behalf. Your attorney can also explain to you other ways to pursue a remedy for the fraud, including filing a lawsuit against the dealer.

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