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Learn More About Billings, MT

The largest city in Montana with a population of approximately 101,876, Billings, MT is known as the "Star of Big Sky Country." Founded in 1877, the city experienced rapid growth with the founding of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Today Billings has become an economic hub for the Northern Rockies/Great Plains area, with corporations such as Wal-mart, Wells Fargo, General Electric, and Target boasting branches in the city. City attractions include the Billings Skate Park, the Strawberry Festival, the Yellowstone Art Museum, and the Zoo Montana.

Billings, at one point or another, has been the home to many athletes including Gary Albright, Ed Breding, Kurt Burris, Mike Burton, Jim Creighton, Mitch Donahue, Brad Holland, Dave McNally, Kirk Scrafford, Greg Smith, and Keith Wortman.  Other famous celebrities from Billings include Stanley Anderson, Bob Enevoldsen, Joshua Frank, Wesley Kimler, Jeff Kober, Wally Kurth, Chan Romero, J.K. Ralston, Helen Lynch, and Auggie Smith.

Many Billings lawyers have chosen to make this close-knit community their home. Lawyers in Billings are actively involved in a diverse range of legal matters, such as business, employment, real estate, intellectual property, immigration, medical malpractice, and personal injury. Whatever your legal issue, there is a qualified, experienced Billings lawyer ready to take your case.

Billings lawyers were recently involved on both sides of a dispute against the local fire company. A lawsuit filed against the Billings Fire Department by local firefighters alleged that the company owed over $3 million in unpaid wages to the firefighters. The company argued that under the terms of the 1995 contract, the firefighters had agreed to work for 43.5 hours a week while being paid for 40, and therefore were merely exploiting a legal loophole. The district court ruled in favor of the firefighters; the verdict was upheld by the Montana Supreme Court.

Montana’s judicial system is structured as limited jurisdiction courts, general jurisdiction district courts, and the state supreme court. Lawyers in Billings typically argue their case in the Billings Municipal Court, the 13th Judicial District or the Montana Supreme Court. Each court is unique- a Billings attorney can help you navigate the special rules and procedures associated with each court. can help you obtain qualified representation by a Billings lawyer for your case. Our website contains useful tips on selecting the right attorney and general information about popular legal issues. LegalMatch also allows you to review the experience, availability, and price of pre-screened Billings attorneys before deciding whom to contact, and provides a response to your inquiry by Billings lawyers within 24 hours. Let LegalMatch find the right attorney for your case today.

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