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Learn More About Butte, MT

Butte, MT began as a mining town in the Silver Bow Creek Valley in the late 19th century. The city’s growth was fueled by the discovery of electricity and the need for copper, which was abundant in the region. Butte is also known for its colorful past, with miners attracting saloons and brothels which opened in the city’s red light district (and operated through the 1980’s.)
Butte also had the unhappy distinction of being the largest Superfund Cleanup site in the U.S.  However, Butte has undertaken efforts to rebuild, and today is only one of two U.S. cities listed as a National Historic Landmark. Butte attractions include the Berkeley Pit (an former open pit copper mine), the World Museum of Mining, and the Copper King Mansion.
Multiple top-notch Butte lawyers reside in this quiet community. Lawyers in Butte can assist you with legal matters involving business, family, medical malpractice, real estate, personal injury or any other issue that you may face.
Lawyers in Butte recently brought suit against a local smelting operation on behalf of over 90 residents of the area. According to the lawsuit, the Atlantic Richfield Co. and companies past and present contaminated property and placed the public health at risk. The suit alleges that toxins from the smelting operations were created from 1884 to 1980, including mine tailings, furnace slag, flue dust, and numerous heavy metals, and were negligently released into the air, soil, surface, and ground waters in and around the facility. The defendants contend they have been involved in cleanup for over 20 years, and that toxins are at EPA tolerated levels. The lawsuit is ongoing.
The Montana court system is composed of limited jurisdiction courts, general jurisdiction district courts, and the state supreme court. Butte attorneys routinely argue their cases in the Butte City Court, the 2nd Judicial District, or the Montana Supreme Court. A local Butte attorney can help you navigate this system and alert you to any special rules of the courts.
Finding the right Butte attorney can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. provides free tips on selecting the right attorney and general information related to popular legal topics. Our free service also gives you the power to confidentially review the experience, track record, availability, and cost of pre-screened Butte attorneys in your area of legal need. LegalMatch can save you time and money so that you may work with your selected attorney sooner on important matters.
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