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Milford began as a manufacturing town. Its first resident operated a large saw mill and built a dam along the Mispillion River for power. As the town grew, so did its industrial capacity. In the early 1900s Milford was a major ship builder, and was home to the manufacture of such tall ships as the four-masted, 174-foot (53 m) long Albert F. Paul, sunk by the Germans during World War II.

Milford DE Lawyers

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A lawsuit was recently field against several law enforcement officers who live near Milford. Hunters were hunting on land near where the officers lived, and the suit alleges that these officers unlawfully detained the hunters at gunpoint. The hunters claim the officers detained them for no reason and lied to game wardens in an effort to have them arrested. The suit is currently ongoing.
Most cases in Milford start in the Kent County Court system. Although all Delaware licensed lawyers can practice anywhere in the state, your Milford attorney will be more familiar with local rules and procedures. If you have a case in Milford, you will want a local attorney who knows the ins and outs of Kent County Courts.
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