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Learn More About Bear, DE

As legend has it, the area of Bear, Delaware got its name from a sign on a local bar that pictured a bear. This small, rural area situated in New Castle County is not strictly a municipality, but instead encompasses a collection of housing developments and a shopping mall. The United States Census Bureau has made Bear a census designated place for statistical purposes.
If you have a legal issue and need an attorney in New Castle County, a Bear lawyer may be the right choice for you. Although Bear may be small, there are plenty of lawyers that are experienced in many areas of law including banking, bankruptcy, commercial litigation, estate planning, personal injury, tax, and worker’s compensation.
In a case that was recently decided near Bear, a lawyer from Wilmington won a verdict for his clients, three state police troopers, against the Delaware State Police Agency for $2 million. The troopers claimed that they were retaliated against when they complained of high levels of toxic material at the firing range where they practiced. The case took place in the U.S. District Court in Wilmington where the federal jury heard oral argument and testimony for two weeks before reaching a verdict.
Bear lawyers are only 10 miles away from Wilmington, which is the legal center of the state. Much of the state court system sits in Wilmington, including the Delaware Supreme Court, the Superior Court for New Castle County, Family Court and various other courts. The Federal Court for the District of Delaware is also in Wilmington, located in the J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building. If you are in need of a lawyer in New Castle County, a lawyer from Bear is an ideal choice because of their familiarity with and proximity to the courts in Wilmington.
If you have a legal issue in New Castle County, is here to help you find a local Bear attorney. With our database of skilled and experienced Bear lawyers, we will match you with the one that is best able to meet your needs and resolve your legal problems.
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