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Learn More About Newark, DE

The home of the University of Delaware, Newark has always had a tradition of learning. One of Delaware’s oldest schools was founded in Newark, and some of its graduates went on to sign the Declaration of Independence.
Newark lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you might be facing, including criminal defense, personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate, family law, and many more.
Local attorneys may be familiar with the recent lawsuit filed by the city of Newark.┬áNewark sued the state of Delaware for access to records on the treatment of local prisoners.┬áNewark was initially denied records related to the treatment of prisoners with HIV and AIDS. Newark argued failing to provide the records violated Delaware’s Freedom of Information Act mandating the release of certain government records. The lawsuit was filed in the Newark Superior Court.
Courts in Newark are run exclusively by the Delaware State Judiciary. Your attorney in Newark should know the ins and outs of the New Castle Superior Court, as well as the Newark Alderman Courts which handle small misdemeanor criminal trials and traffic violations.
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