Quick Guide on Using the LegalMatch Attorney Mobile App


The LegalMatch Attorney Mobile App provides LegalMatch Member Attorneys the same functionality and ease-of-use as the LegalMatch web application at the palm of your hands. With the LegalMatch Attorney Mobile App, you’ll be able to view, respond to, and manage cases on the go with just a few taps.

The app itself is quite intuitive and was designed for ease of use, and this brief guide will help you get started in using the Attorney Mobile App.

How to Log In

After installing the application, launch the LegalMatch application and enter your credentials (email account/username and password) and tap SIGN IN. You need to have an active, registered LegalMatch account to log into the application.

If you forgot your password, tap Forgot Password and you’ll be guided on how to recover your password through your email.

The Homepage

If you’ve used the web application, you’ll notice that the Attorney Mobile App’s homepage is a compressed and compact version of the web application. Your Homepage will have the following features and sections:

  1. Search

    Tap the Search icon (the magnifying glass) on the top right corner to open the search page. This allows you to search for specific cases.

  1. Case View Tabs

    The case view tabs shows the following case folders: NEW-OPEN, RESPONDED, ENGAGED. Tapping on these tabs will open their respective case folders for you to manage. Additionally, you’ll be able to view additional details such as the client name, the case title, and the number of active consultation requests, as well as the elapsed time since the case has been posted.

    Lastly, when opening a new case, you can mark a case as Favorite (star icon) — cases marked as favorite will show a highlighted Favorite (yellow star) icon for easier viewing.

  1. Selection Mode

    Tapping Edit on the upper right corner switches to Selection Mode where you can select multiple cases to do a batch action such as archiving, engaging, and marking them as complete. The options available in Selection mode depend on the case folder you’re opening.

The Bottom Bar

At the bottom of the app, you’ll see a bar containing different icons: the Homepage (House Icon), the Upcoming Appointments (Calendar icon), the Notifications (Bell icon), and the Options Menu (Three-Line icon).

  1. The Homepage

    Tapping this allows you to return to the application homepage (which lets you view the NEW-OPEN page by default). The number on the homepage icon corresponds to the total number of new cases that have been matched to you.

  1. Upcoming Appointments

    To keep track of your appointments, tap the Upcoming Appointment icon to view all the initial consultation appointments that you and the clients have scheduled.

  1. Notifications

    All notifications for the application can be accessed here. Notifications allow you to track client activities such as when they view your profile, sent you a message, scheduled an appointment, and so on.

    Updates. Take note that if an update is available, it will show up as a separate notification banner that will contain an update link where you can download the latest version of the app.

  1. Option Menu

    The option menu page includes the following options:

    • Attorney profile photo and name. Displays your profile photo and name. Take note that you can only change the name and photo through the Web application.
      • NEW – OPEN. Tap to open the NEW-OPEN cases page.
      • RESPONDED. Tap to open the RESPONDED cases page.
      • ENGAGED. Tap to open the ENGAGED cases page.
      • ARCHIVED. Tap to open the ARCHIVED cases page.
      • SHOW PARTNER RESPONSES. Tap to open the PARTNER RESPONSES case page.
      • Support. Displays the LegalMatch technical support’s contact information.
      • Terms. Tap to show the Terms and Conditions.
      • Privacy Policy. Tap to show the LegalMatch Privacy Policy.
      • Logout. Tap to log out from the application.

Viewing a Case

You can view cases in any of the Case View Tabs. Tapping on the case displays the Case Details page for the case. The case details page also provides options for contacting the client, marking it as engaged or archived, and requesting for ratings.

Responding to Cases

After viewing a case that you’re interested in, you can send a response to the clients by tapping REPLY on the Case Details page. You’ll be required to fill in your case response or select a premade template.

Sending a Revised Response. You can send a revised response for cases that you have replied to. To do so, go to the RESPONDED tab and open the case that you wish your response to be revised. In the Case Details page, tap the file icon and it will open the CASE RESPONSE VIEW page where you’ll see the Send Revised Form option.

Viewing Partner Response

You can filter out and view cases which already have responses from your partner. Tap the Options Menu on the bottom bar and select SHOW PARTNER RESPONSES.

If your partner has already responded to the case, a banner will show on top of the page. You can only view but not reply to these cases since your partner has already responded to it.

Scheduling Consultation Times

You can confirm a client’s requested schedule or suggest a new one.

  1. Suggesting a New Schedule

    You can suggest a consultation schedule (a) from the Case Details Page when creating or revising your response, or (b) after responding to the case.

    When replying or revising a response, you can tap Provide Times which will open the Suggest Times Page where you can select one or more preferred timeslots.

    When suggesting a new schedule after responding to a case, open the Case Details page, tap the Suggest Times tab and select one or more preferred timeslots.

  1. Confirming a Client’s Suggested Schedule

    You can schedule the consultation times from the Case Details page after responding to the case or when creating/revising your response. You can view the client’s requested consultation schedules under Choose a Time tab, tap the schedule you want to confirm, then tap SCHEDULE. An email will be sent to the client to inform them regarding the schedule.

  1. Selecting a Location

    After confirming the schedule, you’re given the option to select the location (or mode) of the consultation. You’ll be given the options: By Phone, In Office, Other, then tap Ok. The By Phone option is only available if the client who posted the case has disclosed the contact information. Additionally, you can use the Other option to add a video consultation link (i.e. a Zoom URL).

Case Notes

You’re given the option to add and view case notes on the Case Notes page under the Case Details page.

Client Interactions

  1. Contacting the Client

    From the Case Details page, you’ll be given the options to contact your client via the Messaging, Call, or Email.

  1. Requesting for Case Rating

    You can request a rating from your client once the case is tagged as Consultation Completed or in the Engaged tab. Take note that the Consultation Completed tagging can only be done through the Web application.

  1. Engaging with the Client

    Once you and the client have agreed that you’ll be working with their case, then that means that the client has retained or hired you. It’s important that you tag the case as ENGAGED so the system can track it and allow you to follow the case easily.

    Take note that when cases are moved to the ENGAGED tab, you will no longer have the option to send revised response or schedule consultation times as they’re assumed that you are already working with the client.

Completing a Case

After finishing a case, it’s important that you tag it as complete to remove it from your ENGAGED tab.

Archived Cases

You can archive cases that you’re not interested in, or those that already hired an attorney or are no longer looking. You can view archived cases under the Options Menu page. Additionally, you can also restore a case from archive if you change your mind or if you’ve accidentally marked a case for archiving.