Quick Guide on Using the LegalMatch Attorney Mobile App

This guide will help you get to know your LegalMatch App for Attorneys, so you can use it (or have your assistant use it) to respond quickly when new case leads come in.
The app gives you the same basic functionality of our web application, with an intuitive interface designed for ease of use while you’re on the go. Here’s how to get started:

  • Install and launch the app.
  • Enter your login credentials (email account/username and password).
    Note: If you forgot your password, tap Forgot Password and you’ll be guided on how to recover your password through your email.
  • Tap SIGN IN.
    Note: You must have an active, registered LegalMatch account to log into the application.

Respond Fast to All Leads

On the homepage, you can tap the case view tabs to see cases that are NEW-OPEN, RESPONDED, and ENGAGED.

Under each tab you can view the client name and case title.

On the NEW-OPEN tab, you will also see how long ago each case was posted.

Once you’ve viewed a case, you’ll see a star icon next to it that you can tap to mark your favorites.

You can also enter edit mode (top right) to select multiple cases or select all so you can do a batch action such as archiving, engaging, and marking them as complete.

When you open a new case, you’ll see:

  • Client name
  • Case title
  • Location
  • Case description
  • Issue specific answer(s)

At the bottom of the case view, you can choose to REPLY or ARCHIVE the case.

Note: We highly recommend you reply even if you don’t immediately see the value in a given lead, because our data shows how important it is to respond right away and then get the client on the phone to really learn about their case and establish the value of your services.

When you click Reply, you can select one of your pre-customized templates or create a new template from within the app (although we recommend you do this ahead of time using your desktop computer with a larger screen and full-sized keyboard).

Once you’ve sent a response, the case will move to the RESPONDED tab and you’ll have access to the following:

  • View times provided by the client, your response to the client, and any case notes
  • Message, call, or email the client from within the app
  • Check box for tracking completed consultations

We recommend you call the lead immediately, so you have the best chance of reaching them while they are still “hot” and motivated to hire an attorney.

Note: Once you’ve archived a case, you can find it by using the Search feature (at the top left of any case view page).

Once you’ve been hired, we encourage you to move the case from the RESPONDED tab by clicking the Engage button, and tapping the button to Request a Rating.

Navigating the App

At the bottom of the homepage, is a menu bar with different icons for the Homepage (house icon), Upcoming Appointments (calendar icon), Notifications (bell icon), and Options Menu (three-line “hamburger” icon).

Here’s what you’ll find under each selection:


Tapping this allows you to return to the application homepage, which lets you view the NEW-OPEN cases page by default. The number on the homepage icon corresponds to the total number of new cases that have been matched to you.

Upcoming Appointments

To keep track of your appointments, tap the Upcoming Appointment icon where you can view all the initial consultation appointments you and the clients have scheduled.


Here is where you can track client activities such as when they view your profile, send you a message, or schedule an appointment. If an update is available, you will also see a separate notification banner here with an update link for downloading the latest version of the app.

Options Menu

The hamburger icon (three lines) takes you to a page with a menu from which you can access all the case pages (NEW-OPEN, RESPONDED, ENGAGED, and ARCHIVED), as well as contact information for your dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM), the Terms page, the Privacy Policy, and the Log Out.

You will also see your profile photo and name at the top of the Options Menu, but note that you can only change these from within your desktop browser.

Increase Your Success

With the mobile app, you get notifications as soon as a case is posted, and you can send your customized response templates right away – from anywhere. After that, it’s easy to also call the person because your phone is already in your hand!

This one-two fast response method is the key to increase your success with LegalMatch, and it’s the reason why we created the mobile app for you in the first place. So be sure to download the app and use it daily to increase your response rate and response time.