How to Leverage Your Time Effectively


In the practice of law, time is often of the essence. Sometimes even a few minutes lost in a less effective undertaking or task spells the difference between winning or losing a case. Whether you are a young lawyer or a veteran, it is always a good idea to take advantage of new technologies and processes designed to maximize the use of your precious time.

Since the start of the pandemic, the rise of remote work has given firms and lawyers more opportunities to expand their client base. To meet this challenge and still provide quality service to a larger clientele, here are some tips on how to leverage your time effectively:

Customize Your Templates

With more potential clients turning to the internet and mobile platforms to search for legal professionals to hire, it would be good to customize your response templates to their inquiries. Make one for each of your most profitable legal specialties. A one-page response template detailing the areas of specialization and perhaps mentioning one or two successful cases to drive a point will impress clients. For LegalMatch member attorneys, your Key Account Manager can assist you in creating templates. Using the templates in your dashboard makes responding to potential clients easier and faster, ensuring that you get more clients in your best legal categories.

Prepare a Call Script

For solo practitioners and starting firms, prompt follow-up calls often spell the difference between getting hired or not. The first lawyer to call a potential client often gets hired. A good call script facilitates faster engagement and smooth flow of conversation. Flowcharts may be developed, with new questions added when they are asked. Extroverted lawyers with well-developed “people skills” find it easy to make these spiels, but for the rest of us who have yet to acquire the skill, a call script will guide us into mastery. A call script may be developed as the firm grows, and may eventually become a guide document for future interns to refer to.

Develop a “New Client Packet”

Prepare the information that you think would be of help to your client (and you) to make their strongest case. Called a New Client Packet, this gathers together relevant information culled from legal research, based on the initial data given. Not only does it impress the new client and add to your credibility, it will also save you time from browsing through notes or several separate documents and data sources. Client packet templates may be developed too, which you may just edit with specific information relevant to each client.

Use the LegalMatch Attorney Mobile App

Use our mobile app to read and reply to new cases quickly – anytime, anywhere (iOs or Android). Nowadays, with the pandemic restricting mobility, smartphones have become the go-to gadget to enable professionals to stay on top of their work. With the Legalmatch Attorney Mobile App, communications between you and your clients are prompt, on-point, and organized. The app also helps you to keep track of which cases need urgent action, allowing you to effectively manage your time and schedules.

Speak Regularly with Clients

Make sure to schedule short but regular calls with existing clients, even to just inquire about their well-being. This reminds them of the reasons why they hired you in the first place. Showing your clients that they are more than just a source of income to you will establish your connection with them. Happy clients who feel valued are the top source of new referral clients. To prompt their memory, it would help to mention what types of cases you are working on. They might remember and refer a cousin, friend, or work colleague who needs help in that particular area.

Give Clients a “Reality Check”

Discuss client expectations. Explain the feasible outcomes. Set clear goals and qualify clients through the initial call. All these of course are included in the call script. But during those unexpected or unscheduled calls when you can’t consult the script, always keep in mind to do a quick “reality check” via expectation setting and listing of possible outcomes. As you keep doing this, eventually, the standard questions will come to you almost automatically, often with the appropriate voice inflections and modulation.

Leverage Your Time

Whether you use our tools, outside software or hire help, make the most of staff and resources to make your business and time more efficient and profitable. Once in a while, conduct an assessment of these tools and processes and how they have benefited you and your practice. Take stock of what you have, especially your time, towards better and improved legal solutions, innovating along the way as needed.